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You can implement the checklist internally or have me do it for you. Ranking improvements are guaranteed or you get a full refund. Book your free consultation to find out if your website qualifies.

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How Your Onsite SEO Checklist is Created

Your Onsite SEO Checklist is custom tailored for your target keyword and the URL that you want to rank for it.


Choose Your Targets

Identify what keyword you want to improve rankings for and what URL will be optimized.


Collect & Analyze Data

I scrape the top 100 websites ranking for your target keyword daily for a week. Next, I analyze the 385,000+ data points collected to identify which variables are correlated with higher/lower rankings.


Make changes

You can make the changes provided in your Onsite SEO Checklist internally or you can hire me to do it. My hourly rate is $100 and most checklists take less than an hour to implement.

Onsite SEO Services

Onsite SEO refers to the search engine optimizations that take place on your website—things like using proper heading tags, using keywords in your content, improving load speeds, and so on.

When you look at other SEO company websites, you usually see them advertise that they follow Google’s best practices. You’ve probably heard that pitch too many times. I’m different.

My onsite SEO services are different because I make my optimizations based on evidence from data that I collect for you. The alternative is doing what Google tells us to do—which is sometimes misleading. If you ask me, taking advice from Google on how to do SEO is like taking advice from a casino on how to win more money.

You won’t get any cookie-cutter monthly packages from me. Instead, I provide you with an onsite SEO checklist of specific, detailed, optimizations to make to your website. You can do them yourself, have your web developer do them for you, or hire me to do them. My hourly rate is $100 and most SEO checklists that I implement for clients take less than 1 hour to complete.

My research often shows that more content is need for the website. Usually this is additional copy but sometimes it can be additional images. When additional content is needed, my clients usually produce it themselves. If you're nto able to do that, please let me know and I can help you.

When you make all of the optimizations on your checklist, I guarantee that your rankings will improve or I’ll give you a full refund.

How Your Onsite SEO Checklist Works


Collecting Data

My SEO services work because I reverse engineer Google’s search results for each keyword. This allows me to identify which onsite variables correlate with both high and low rankings. I analyze over 385,000 data points per keyword to help you rank higher.

To reverse engineer Google rankings, I track the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and analyze the top 100 search results for each target keyword. Time to get nerdy.


Monitoring SERPs

For each target keyword, I track every website in the top 20 positions to watch how much (or little) rankings change. This allows me to catch when Google changes the algorithm or when Google does a test for a day or so.

Monitoring the SERPs also allows us to see how volatile the rankings are. A keyword that is too volatile may not be worth pursuing.


Analyzing the Data

There are over 550 variables for onsite SEO that I track. I collect this data from each of the top 100 ranking websites for your target keyword. I get this data daily and then analyze it to find correlations. If you’re really nerdy, I use both Spearman’s rho and Pearson’s r.

This analysis shows us what onsite SEO variables correlate with higher rankings in Google. It also shows us which onsite variables correlate with lower rankings. I translate this data into a detailed checklist of optimizations to make to your website.


Your deliverable is a .PDF file or a Basecamp project containing the tasks. Turn around time is 7 days after payment is made.Read Case Study

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  • 10+ Onsite SEO Checklists
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