SEO Keyword Research Service

Learn more about my six step keyword research process. I include content and keyword mapping in this process because they are so closely intertwined.

Step 1 - Generate Keyword Ideas

We start with generating ideas of what we think your customers might be searching for when they're looking for your product or service.

Step 2 - Use Tools to Expand on Ideas

Our seed ideas are ran through four different keyword research tools to generate even more keyword ideas for us to consider.

Step 3 - Standardize & Consolidate Data

The keyword data is "cleaned up" and combined into a single Excel sheet with all important data points (like search volume) included.

Step 4 - Sort & Review the Data

With a clean set of keyword data I am able to sort through our findings and start to look for patterns or more specific keywords to generate more ideas from.

Step 5 - Filter & Categorize the Data

At this point we have thousands to tens of thousands of keyword ideas that we can now categorize by topic, concepts, search intent, and position in the sales funnel.

Step 6 - Content & Keyword Mapping

Now that we know the best, most profitable keywords that you can target, we map these target keywords to the right content on your site. We also identify a content strategy for creating new pages.

Keyword Research Price

Turn around time is 7 days after payment is made.

New Website


  • Best for new websites with under 20 pages.
  • .XLSX (Excel) Spreadsheet with Content/Keyword Map & Data
  • 30 Minute Review Call

Small Website


  • Best for websites with 20 to 100 pages.
  • .XLSX (Excel) Spreadsheet with Content/Keyword Map & Data
  • 60 Minute Review Call

Large Website


  • Best for websites with over 100 pages.
  • .XLSX (Excel) Spreadsheet with Content/Keyword Map & Data
  • 90 Minute Review Call


Contact Me

  • Create a Monthly Plan
  • Guaranteed SEO Improvements
  • Combine SEO Services
  • Get Tracking, Analytics, & Reporting

*Pricing starts at $1500 but can increase depending on how many pages the website has. You can contact me and send me your website's URL to get a price specific to your website.