About Paul Carl

Hi, I’m Paul. I love to help people generate sales and leads online. I also enjoy hiking, playing basketball, photography, reading, writing, and selling stuff on eBay. That’s my fiancé and I in the photo.

I’m from Rochester, NY but I’m currently based in Syracuse, NY. I work for clients both locally and globally.


My Career as a Digital Marketing Freelancer

My whole story, complete with some embarrassing old photos.


2007 - I fall down the rabbit hole.

My interest in digital marketing began in high school. I went to Nazareth College to study Biology, Secondary Education, and Philosophy. While in college, I was spending more time on my websites for affiliate marketing, my AdSense websites, and my tutoring business’ website than I was spending on my studies. I ended up dropping out to focus on my tutoring business and website projects.

2011 - I start getting clients.

I worked as a tutor, affiliate marketer, and as a Child Habilitation Specialist at Mary Cariola Children’s Center for almost three years. I volunteered with agency advancement to help with fundraising campaigns and started taking on small projects on the side.

When I moved on from Mary Cariola, I helped a friend grow his IT company before getting my first full-time contract with a digital marketing agency.


2013 - I take the leap to full time.

Paul Bernard Gallipeau was my grandfather but everyone always called him "Poppy." On January 11, 2013 Poppy unexpectedly passed away peacefully in his sleep.

When Poppy died I was filled with regrets. I should have called him more. I should have visited him more. I should have gotten to know him better.

After a week of grieving and beating myself up, I finally told myself no more "should haves." I told my boss that when my contract was up I wouldn't accept any job offers because I was going full time with my freelancing and affiliate marketing.


Presently, my fiance and I are getting ready to get married! I was also elected to be President of the Board for Syracuse CoWorks.

My digital marketing specialty has shifted away from Google Ads and on to SEO and CRO. Over the years I've developed a wide range of skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Server Management, Copywriting, SEO, CRO, Web Design, UI/UX, Psychology, and more. This broad knowledge helps me to both work efficiently with marketing departments and to "wear many hats" for the clients that need it.


My Mission

My mission is to make both my communities and my tiny portion of the internet better. I make the internet better by making faster, easier to use, and easier to understand websites for myself, my clients, and our website visitors. Below are some of the values that my customers and I stand for.

Educate Others

I freely share as much of my digital marketing knowledge and business experience with anyone who seeks to learn. Whether it's through a workshop at the office, writing articles, or chatting online, I'm always happy to help.

Free Fridays

Every Friday we dedicate time to give back to our community. We volunteer our time and expertise to help both local nonprofit organizations and our friends in need to achieve their goals.

Always Improve

Whether it’s incrementally improving our processes or innovating a product, we are always improving. We are mindful and we pay attention. We make at least one thing better every place we go, even if it’s as simple as cleaning up a piece of trash.

Be Scientific

We measure and test everything. We are skeptical of our knowledge and concern ourselves more with what we do not know than what we do know. In an industry as fast-changing as SEO, it is essential to have processes where decisions are made based on data, not dogma.